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Impact Energy Consulting, assists small and medium sized organisations (SMEs) across a variety of industries, to develop and grow, with our specialised and focused business development, sales and marketing services.


Our clients value our experience and flexibility to be able to support, at short notice or ongoing yearly marketing and sales campaigns, to ensure greater

visibility within your target market or a specific one-time project, guided to achieve a specific goal.


We can help you work out the areas where you could benefit from support, then provide the support you need.  Our team brings decades of expertise in setting up meetings and developing proposal opportunities all the way through negotiations and bid finalizations for our clients.


If you are looking to penetrate deeper in a known market or looking to expand into new domestic or international markets, IEC’s large network of

contacts will present opportunities for your

products and services.


Working together with our clients, we choose the most appropriate and effective methods to meet

sales requirements.

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"With 16 years’ industry experience across a range of sectors, a board member with a diverse skill set, this coupled with a deep understanding and

appreciation of client needs and requirements, have made Kevin a successful man and an exceptional communicator. 


He has led teams to achieve the optimum balance between project constraints and practical and effective engineering solutions, most recently bringing this experience and knowledge to the role of Associate Director heading up a team of structural engineers.


He has held a number of Senior technical and managerial positions

in Business Development, Sales, Project Management, Engineering and Operations roles, during the successful development of business in the

UK, Europe, APAC and Africa.

Working in the Oil & Gas and Construction sectors since leaving the RAF, where he completed his engagement in 2006 as a Chief Technician, Kevin has gained a broad 

understanding of the industries requirements at all levels, which allows him to seamlessly move between these industries with only minor adjustments required".

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